Publications Updated

This time of year is meant to be the time of year to catch up with things and we have managed to do a bit of spring cleaning and organising. Part of this has been documenting where we have been presenting our work in 2008. The team has a strong research and dissemination ethos and tries to contribute actively to the Assistive Technology field in the UK, we hope you can see this from our papers&presentations list.

We are lucky in that we have funding for some research projects – this helps us with funding some of the conferences and providing time for writing up work. In addition presenting clinical work contributes to our continuing professional development, however it is still always a challenge to squeeze in conferences around clinical work (which is our day-day job and raison d’etre).

If you want a copy of a paper or presentation and can not download it (at the moment we have a silly limit on file sizes so can’t put them all up on the site), just email us.