Virtual Keyguard

One of my clients has a bit of difficulty typing because of his motor neurone disease (MND) – he is a pretty good typist, but now occassionally presses the ‘wrong’ key – this is generally one of the neighbouring keys to the one he wants. For example he might type hjello for hello.

Normally an approach to this is to use a physical keyguard for example, as supplied by Maxess or inclusive (other suppliers are available!).

However, this seems a bit ‘over the top’ for this client who only has occasional problems.  So, we made a simple ‘virtual’ keyguard. This filters out key quick presses from neighbouring keys.

You can download and try the script from here. To run the script, you need to download AutoHotKey [1]. Both of these programs are free and open and provided with no liability. Hopefully they will be useful to someone else.

[1] AutoHotKey is a great little program that we fairly regularly use to make bits of the computer more accessible – for example getting keys on a keyboard to do things that people find difficult to do otherwise.