Specialised Commissioning Hubs (a map)

*** Update – August 2016 ***

NHS Digital have finally published data linking CCGs to NHS Regions: http://systems.digital.nhs.uk/data/ods/datadownloads 

I have quickly mapped this:

https://fusiontables.google.com/data?docid=13R3QzpQeaSICkEY6w4qwvDhxLN80PjhbQJtBtDD_#map:id=3 (no responsibility for accuracy) – NOTE this is 2016 NHS regions – it will not necesarrily align with service provision boundaries and these regions seem to change, so this is time specific.


Commissioning of services such as ours has, or will be, changing following the restructuring of the NHS on 1st April 2013.  The services we deliver have been confirmed as ‘specialised services‘ and the level of service expected has been specified.  These services will now be commissioned (bought) via 10 offices of the new NHS-England organisation.  These will commission services within 10 regions of the UK – ‘Specialised Commissioning Hubs’. This structure is still very new and the boundaries of these ‘SCH’ hubs has not yet been published by NHS-England in any other format than this PDF. Since this information is quite important (and we needed to anyway), we compiled our own list and mapped it. Please note – this may well be wrong, it is merely our attempt to map the regions correlating to the areas in the NHS England PDF.

Map of Specialised Commissioning Hubs

Map of Specialised Commissioning Hubs (probably!)

Techy Stuff

The NHS England map of SCH boundaries appears to correspond to Local Authority boundaries, not CCG boundaries as may be expected.

Thus, this map was produced by creating a list of the Authority Boundaries and allocating these to an SCH.  The ONS code (LAD10CD) was used to reference the Authorities. The population from the 2011 census for these Authorities was added.

This table was then merged using ‘Google Fusion Tables’ with publically available boundary files of Local Authorities. You can view/download the source data on Google Fusion Tables (merged& mapped table & source table )


As stated, these boundaries are likely to be wrong, please do not rely on this data in any way.   I hope that NHS-England will bring out a listing of CCGs->Area Teams.  However, at the current time, this is NHS-England’s response:

“Thank you for your email of 15 May 2013 enquiring if NHS England hold a map or list detailing Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), which Area Teams (ATs) they fall within and where the specialised commissioning hubs are.

I have spoken with the Specialised Commissioning Team and, unfortunately, we do not hold a map or a list that provides the detail you have requested.   “