Rehab Engineering Webinar – Integrating Assistive Technology

I (Simon) will be taking part in a webinar next Monday aimed at Rehabilitation Engineers (but open to all).  My presentation will be about integration of electronic assistive technology – for example being able to use your wheelchair control to control your chair but also your TV.  This is an area our team has always had as a core part of our service delivery and we have always believed that this can be a particularly empowering approach for some people as it provides as high a level of personal control as possible.  The webinar presentation will cover different integration options, and focus on the role of custom made integrators.  Details of the webinar are below, including the other presentations that are sure to be equally (if not more) interesting!

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RESMaG in collaboration with the Health Design & Technology Institute (HDTI) invite you to take part in this exciting CPD event. Never has CPD been more important to the RE profession than now. Services are under huge financial strain and still need to demonstrate good quality service provision delivered by RE’s who are professional, up to date and forward thinking… and yet the demands on time and money mean that many REs are unable to attend seminars, courses and conferences. This webinar is the first of a series that aim to deliver high quality CPD events without the need to incur travel costs and travel time.
This event is free to register, the technology is simple to use – you only need a PC connected to the internet, and a speaker or preferably headphones. You will be able to hear and see the presenters, see their power point slides and type in any questions you may have as the presentation is delivered.

10:00 am – Introduction and Welcome – Simon Fielden, Director, HDTI

10:10am-“Thinking Outside the Box- a complex seating solution case study” -James Currell & Paul Moodey

10:40am  – Integrated Access – Simon Judge

11:10am – Digital Seating- Service Development and Research – Lorna Tasker

11:45 am – Round Up and Next Steps – Simon Fielden

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