Raising AAC awareness

It’s great to see our equipment being used to raise awareness of communication aids.

Beth, one of our team’s clients, recently gave a talk at a charity event using her Ipad and iadapter case. Beth has Multiple Sclerosis which means she suffers from muscle fatigue, her voice is very weak and her speech difficult to understand. However, Beth clearly has plenty to say and the communication aid has given her the confidence to speak in public. This is what she said about it:

I gave a speech during the week at a charity event, using my machine, everyone said they could understand it clearly, it was a wonderful success.
The speech was given to about 50 people including the Mayor of Doncaster, in a 80’s style greenhouse/library type of hall, (meeting house). I had the iAdapter on the highest volume, every one claimed that they could hear and understood the machine fine. I had prepped most of the speech, however at the end I decided to have spontaneous end, where I could answer questions in a Q&A ending. That worked really well, however if I had not been on top form l wouldn’t have tried, I had something prepped in case I needed it. My voice could not have been heard in the main hall.
Everyone commented how good the speech was.

Great work Beth! Let’s hope that Beth’s talk helps raise awareness of others with similar needs.