British Academy of Childhood Disability

Simon, from our team, was delighted to be invited to talk at the British Association of Childhood Disability meeting in Birmingham about Environmental Control.  BACD is a speciality group of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. The BACD Annual Scientific Meeting had over 100 attendees of mainly Paediatricians but also other disciplines and backgrounds.

“My talk was a whistle stop tour covering the history, background and motivation for Environmental Control and a brief look at some of the research into users’ requirements for EC systems and development of new ones.

MWSnap369The presentation can be found here:


The meeting was themed around technology and informatics and was a fascinating mix. Stand out sessions for me were Tom Griffiths from Great Ormond Street who gave a great presentation covering AAC and communication aids and the context of how iPads are being used – ‘what they can do and what they can’t do’; Professor Janet Eyre also gave a fascinating talk about the Neuroscience of brain development for young children who have had brain ‘infarcts’ (damage) and the implications of this for therapy with these children; Chris Morris also presented work looking at ‘patient reported outcomes’ for children with neuro-disabilities and the challenges in these measuring things meaningful to children and their families (and being motivating to fill out measures).”