Typing with a numberpad (Multi Tap)

Simon Judge on AT

I’ve a client who uses a bluetooth NumberPadNumerpad keyboard (with a keyguard) to move the mouse (using mouse keys) and have been trying to find a good solution for her to type (another post coming with more details). Long story short, i’ve just setup a ‘Multi-Tap’ style typing setup for her, and am hopeful this will work.

Mobile Phone NumberpadMulti Tap is the mobile phone style input method that you used to use when you first had a phone with only a numberpad.  With this method you press each key a number of times according to what letter you want – so, for example, the ABC key (number 8) you press it once for A, twice for B, three times for C… [ out of interest – there are some this good comparison papers such as this from 2004 (when people used these things!) as well as Scott Mackensie’s book and lots…

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